“The difference in recovery periods was astonishing! Not only was my milk supply in sooner and more plentiful, my bleeding was significantly less. My husband and I also noticed that over the six weeks I took my capsules there was a dramatic difference in my mood and disposition from my previous postpartum experience.”

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Placenta capsules

Women who have consumed their placenta report a number of benefits:

  • Reduction in post partum bleeding
  • Stabilization of hormones and mood
  • Increases in iron and vitamin B, decrease in fatigue
  • Reduced postpartum depression or "baby blues"
  • Increases in breast milk production
  • Reduction in post partum pain and inflammation
  • Increased oxytocin levels which promotes bonding and sense of well being


Placenta capsules


Placenta encapsulation involves cleaning, dehydrating, grinding, and distributing the placenta powder into capsules. These capsules provide all the benefits of placentophagy, and preserve the placenta's medicinal properties long term. $195


Tinctures are great for stabilizing hormones in returning menstrual cycles, menopause, and even puberty. A tincture is made using some of the dehydrated placenta powder in 100 proof alcohol, and stored in a dropper bottle. $35

The Process

Placenta capsule jar

The process is fairly simple -  I will have you fill out the online contract (link at bottom of page) that reserves your due date and gives me your basic info.  Then, when you are in labor and headed to the hospital I ask that you or a support person gives me a heads up call or text, and another when baby is here and you are ready for me to come pick up the placenta!  I suggest that you take with you a few gallon sized ziplock bags and a styrofoam cooler to the hospital, and ask the nurses to put the placenta on ice in the cooler in the bags (or in their own container - either is fine!) and then I pick up the whole thing.

If you happen to deliver between 10pm and 6am, please text and I will get back to you as soon as I wake up and pick up the placenta early that morning.  If you deliver during the day/evening, I can typically be there within a few hours to grab it.

I then process the placenta and deliver the capsules to you, typically within around 48 hours.

Please call, email, or text me if you have any questions whatsoever!!

Placenta Contract Form